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CYTJ45(HT81)Hydraulic drilling jumbo

HT81 Hydraulic drilling jumbo is mainly used for tunneling construction in metal mine and other underground engineering. Equipped with one boom with advanced hydraulic rock drilling system and anti-jamming mechanism ensures rapid drilling speed and high efficiency. This jumbo features of great mobility, short turning radius and strong gradeability, thus can improve working environment and get efficiency,quality development.



Technology Specification

Item Unit Technical data
Cross section m 3.5×3.5-6.5×6
Hole diameter mm HC50 Φ43-76
Hole depth mm 3300 3900
Drill rod length mm 3700 4305
Voltage v 380
Installed capacity Kw 62
Gradeability ° 14
Engine power Kw 60
Min. turning radius mm 6000
Overall dimension (L × W × H)   11050×1850×2340(2940)
Weight kg 12500